A GROUNDBREAKING NEW APPROACH TO BREAKING FREE FROM PORNOGRAPHY. This program will give you the tools to deal with pornography and sexual addiction, as well as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and more.



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In Feels Like Redemption: The Pilgrimage to Health and Healing, author Seth Taylor reveals the truth that freedom from pornography addiction—and all the other things we struggle with internally, like depression and anxiety—is something more than a battle against our own drives and desires. It’s a Pilgrimage, a Sacred Journey, with a destination that is nothing more than a fully awakened spirit and a vision for a life we only dreamed of. If we live by the sword, we die by it; but if we seek peace, we we’ll find it. Feels Like Redemption is meant to be a light for that path.

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My Pilgrimage: A Guide on the Road to Redemption is a therapeutic process experience meant to help readers walk this Sacred Journey through their struggles with porn addiction, depression, and anxiety. My Pilgrimage uses a combination of teaching, guided journaling, guided meditation/prayer, and poignant use of art to lead the reader into an internal space he or she has never been before. It is in this space where one can discover what it means to “be still and know that I am God.” My Pilgrimage is a guide for those seeking something new in their lives, but who just haven’t known how to get there. That experience could change you forever.

Watch The Videos

As a companion to My Pilgrimage: A Guide on the Road to Redemption, 5 men, including the authors, hiked deep into the mountains for a sacred experience of sharing their stories and teaching about their journey through addiction and other emotional and spiritual struggles. This video series is raw, honest, unscripted, and a powerful tool for healing as you walk through the Guidebook and face your own pilgrimage with courage and conviction. It’s your journey…but you’re not alone. There are millions of pilgrims on this road – and the road leads to redemption.

"Lots of people talk about liberation. Seth has lived it. Seth Taylor is the real deal."

Rob Bell
NY Times Best Selling Author

"This book and video series turns everything that has been written on this topic upside down. If you want to experience and feel true freedom start this today."

Craig Gross
Founder of XXXchurch.com

"I have enormous respect for Seth Taylor. He lives the integrity that we need for the way forward."

John Phillip Newell


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